Information Gathering

Collect key information needed to help you

Your information will remain strictly confidential.  I will not be shared with others and will sign a non-disclosure agreement to that effect.

You can redact (mark-out) any information you provide, including names of past employers and prospective employers. 

Below is the following information* I will seek from you:

  • Stage of your application process

  • Position applied for

  • Other pending applications

  • Recent employment history

  • Description of current position (if any)

  • Employers hiring time-table (if known)

  • Job description and/or announcement

  • Resume submitted (if any)

  • Cover Letter submitted (if any)

  • Job application submitted

  • Any research you have done on the employers hiring process and salary structure 

  • Things you learned informally from others on the employers hiring process and salary structure

  • Professional goals

  • Your non-monetary interests  (benefits,  moving expenses, educational subsidy, stock options, etc.)

*If you desire, you have the option of not submitting any particular item listed

Step 1
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