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Salary Negotiation Help

NEED.   Many job applicants are uncomfortable with salary negotiations, and as a result, fail to negotiate or do it poorly .


PURPOSE OF SERVICES.   To help you (job applicant) negotiate a salary better than an initial offer made.  Or,  if you are in the earlier stages of the job application process, to help you avoid making mistakes that may hurt you later.

GOAL.  To get you an improvement over your initial salary offer.   And, explore opportunities to enhance non-monetary compensation (benefits and other perks).

METHOD.   A-5 Step process: 1) Collect key information about you and your situation; 2) Analyze your Bargaining Strength; 3) Create a negotiating strategy; 4) Conduct practice sessions with you; 5) Provide real-time advice (if needed) during your negotiations.  

COSTS.  The fee is $399 for the 5 Step package.  No hidden fees.  (See Guarantee below)

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE $300 of the package fee is refundable if you are not satisfied with the services I provide you.  So all you risk is $100.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT.  Example:  If your initial offer was $100k and you were able to negotiate a $5k to $10k increase, paying $399 for this potential improvement is a good investment.  Further, a small percentage increase in your base salary, over time, can result in a substantial amount of money in the long term.   

QUALIFICATIONS OF ADVISOR  Timothy M. Dayonot has taught negotiations at a top university for nearly 20 years (and at other universities as well).  He received training in negotiations at Harvard University, where I earned a Master in Public Administration.  (See my bio)

SALARY NEGOTIATIONS EXPERIENCE OF ADVISORHe has negotiated hundreds of salaries as an employer, so he know hows the "other side" thinks.  As part of his full-semester university course in negotiations, he has provided salary negotiation training to thousands of students.  Further, he has successfully helped hundreds of students (and non-students) successfully negotiate their salaries on a 1-on-1 basis.

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